My Top 3 List of Simple Ways to Be Green by LDW

I’m going to start by saying I cannot believe that in 2015, I have to make this list. 

I get it, you forgot your reusable bags at home. 

NO!  I DON’T GET IT!  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? I’ve been doing all this stuff for 35 years; it’s totally second nature to me. I seriously cannot take it anymore and I’m about to explode with frustration! 

Please recycle my irritated parts...


# fricken 1: RECYCLE. 


Oh yes California, people don’t recycle and they're not teaching their children about sustainability.  Yay! 

Like my friend Linda, I’ll carry a plastic bottle with me on 2 flights, 2 airports and a taxi ride, till I see the illustrious recycling symbol. Every little item counts.

*Paper (junk mail, office, receipts)

*Cardboard (boxes, dry and frozen food boxes, beverage holders)

*Aluminum and tin cans

*Glass Bottles

*Plastic (beverage bottles, plastic bags [at grocery stores], plastic etc.

*Donate your stuff (furniture, clothing, paint, books, etc)

...the list goes on, but this enough to get you started.

Please don’t whimper, “But I don’t have curbside recycling.”

Collect the above items, drive to your recycling facility and shut up. I did it for years.




Do you really want a drawer full of plastic bags? I see 20-somethings put one item in a plastic bag at the checkout register; breaks my heart. “Help me Obi-Wan Millennials, you’re my only hope.” My 85 year old mother brings her cloth bags to the store. You’re 25!

Each year the US uses approximately 30 billion plastic and 10 billion paper grocery bags, requiring approximately 14 million trees and 12 million barrels of oil. 


“Only if someone would invent a reusable cloth bag.”

They did! Hundreds of years ago! 




It’s only a matter of time we’ll be strapping a guitarist to our war machines and fighting for a glass of liquid life; Mad Max plug...the new movie is awesome BTW.

*Don’t leave water running while brushing teeth, washing dishes or your car.

*Don’t get a glass of water at the restaurant if you’re not going to drink it. Not only did you waste 16 oz. of water and ice, they have to wash it.

*Xeriscape your garden. Last year, I watered my front yard one time.

*And, let the yellow mellow. Just do it.


I haven’t given up hope yet. I know many people who are doing all of the above. 

It’s you I’m reprimanding; YOU, squirming in your lack of consciousness while leaving a smelly footprint on this planet. 

Be green, it’s empowering and I will stop giving you the stink eye. 


More green ideas next month!